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Halloween is just around the corner

October 12, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner

The popularity of Halloween is growing more and more. People around the world is trying to find some strange clothes in advance. They are in rush to buy pumpkins for the decoration to put their door entrance. 

What is it about Halloween that makes this popular? Perhaps it's the mystery or just the candy? Maybe the excitement of a new costume..

The meaning of Halloween is came from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, but lately we think of Halloween as a night filled with candy, trick or treats, pumpkins and ghost stories. Before Halloween reaches, make sure you choose the clothes that you will wear for October 31st.

Halloween 2018 woodstone wooden watches

I wanna to share to do lists for the halloween spirits this year. One is to go pumpkin patches near you and you can pick your own pumpkin however you like big or small. The second thing also you can have pumpkin carving party with your family, friends or colleagues. I'm pretty sure it would be so much fun.

The other thing is to create your own Halloween costume instead of buying a new one from the store, so this way you will be the most divergent in the city!

For the Halloween, you can watch scary or any halloween movie such as Hokus-Pokus, Disney halloween movies or vampire movies.

Also don't forget to bake some halloween treats such as eyeball cake :D 

At last, check out city events and see what's happening for the Halloween, you can maybe catch some zombie walk.

For the Halloween, you can buy some unique gifts for the family members or for your friends this year. If you are interested in organic and natural gift ideas, you can visit our website for our amazing wood watches. You can also click any photos to see more about us!


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The discount code is ``halloween18`` and you can use it until October 31st, 2018.

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