How many trees you need to plant to reduce your carbon footprint?

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The most important contributor to climate change is carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. When fossil fuels are burned, carbon within the fuel is released in to the air causing earth temperature to increase.

According to an MIT study an average American is responsible for about 20 metric tons of yearly CO2 emissions from energy use alone in a year. On the other hand rest of the world is responsible for about 4 metric tons of CO2 emission per person.

Even the lowest carbon emission communities within US release about 8 metric tons of CO2 every year. Still double the world average.


The Solution 

If you like to help reduce carbon emission, the first thing you need to do is identifying your carbon footprint. Simple things that you can do is using public transportation more often and using energy saving light bulbs.

You can also help offset your carbon emission by participating tree planting projects because as trees grow they will soak up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.


Here is the list of top 10 major cities that has the most population in US.


#10 San Jose, CA

Population: 1,026,908

Carbon emission released each year: 8 215 264 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 41 076 320


#9 Dallas, TX

Population: 1,300,092

Carbon emission released each year: 10 400 736 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 52 003 680


#8 San Diego, CA

Population: 1,394,928

Carbon emission released each year: 11 159 424 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 55 797 120


#7 San Antonio, TX

Population: 1,469,845

Carbon emission released each year: 11 758 760 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 58 793 800


#6 Phoenix, AZ

Population: 1,563,025

Carbon emission released each year: 12 504 200 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 62 521 000


#5 Philadelphia, PA

Population: 1,567,442

Carbon emission released each year: 12 539 536 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 62 697 680


#4 Houston, TX

Population: 2,296,224

Carbon emission released each year: 18 369 792 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 91 848 960


#3 Chicago, IL

Population: 2,720,546

Carbon emission released each year: 21 764 368 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 108 821 840


#2 Los Angeles, CA

Population: 3,971,883

Carbon emission released each year: 31 775 064 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 158 875 320


#1 New York City, NY

Population: 8,550,405

Carbon emission released each year: 68 403 240 metric tons

Trees needs to be planted: 342 016 200


How to improve your carbon footprint?

Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their individual carbon footprint, and there are lots of ways to do so.

One of the most effective ways to offset your carbon emission is through planting trees. Planting trees improve the natural environment for the benefit of climate, wildlife and people.

Most people are unaware how critical carbon emission is and how much effect their energy usage has on the environment.

However, If you are one of those conscious people who takes carbon emission seriously you can contribute to tree planting project.

Woodstone watches tree planting project

Tree planting is a time consuming and a difficult task. Luckily there are project around the world, which promote tree planting as a way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So you don't need to go out find empty space and plant trees.

At Woodstone watches we plant 10 trees for every time we sell a watch.

If you would like to help out our projects, reduce your carbon footprint and look stylish while doing so, you can order one of our high quality and hand made wooden watches.

To sum up

Although planting trees is not the sure way to completely remove the carbon emission and global warning issues, its one of the most effective solution we have to reduce our carbon footprint.

One of the easiest ways to help our world and reduce your carbon footprint is to planting trees.

With our Tree planting project you not only  get a stylish and sustainably made wooden watch but also you reduce your carbon footprint.


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I`m one of the person that who shops on Black Friday too. People wake up early in the morning and they sometimes don't sleep at night for Black Friday. Some people wait for a long time for the big Black Friday discounts. People are so excited about Black Friday, cause it happens once a year. 

Black Friday is not a official holiday but, California and some other states observe "The Day After Thanksgiving" as a holiday. Black Friday celebrates in United States, United Kingdom and Canada. But the globalizing world, almost every nation celebrates Black Friday recently.

black friday wood watches

Here Are 5 Reasons To Shop On Black Friday!

1- Companies give valuable discounts on Black Friday. All we need to do follow their website and social media accounts to catch their deals. 

2-Black Friday is also good option for an event and to get social, because you may meet new people by chance on the stores and in queue. Big shopping malls are also meeting point for the friends for that day.

black friday wooden watches

3-Try to shop late. Stores and online stores sometimes make discount twice at late night. This way, you are going save much more money than you pay.

4-Don't forget to sign up their emails, cause companies send promotions and sales via email. So you will have many gift options before Black Friday and Christmas comes. For example if you sign up Woodstone newsletter, you will have free content and promotions every week.

wooden watches black friday

5-For the Black Friday, you can find many gift options for all family members including your children. You can find baby toys or baby gifts in any shopping mall.

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Thanksgiving day has been an annual holiday in the United States since 1863. It also celebrates by Canadians. For this day, families get together, spending some quality time and they serve turkey, stuffings, potatoes, and homemade pumpkin pies to the all family  members. Thanksgiving is a great chance to give thanks for what we have. We actually need to give thanks all the time, but as we human being sometimes forget to give thanks  because of busy schedule.

thanksgiving day wooden watches

We will celebrate Thanksgiving day on November 23rd this year. Almost all diners, restaurants and pizza places will be close in the name of Thanksgiving day in USA and Canada, because people gather with their relatives and close friends at home. For sure nobody would order pizza and some french fries on this day instead of having yummy turkey and delicious homemade pumpkin pies. 

Thanksgiving day is also very busy day for traveling in USA and Canada, because people who live in different cities from their family away, fly over to their hometown and many people also have Friday off, so totally people have 4 days off. 

thanksgiving day wooden watches

Thanksgiving day is also great chance to give gifts to the family members. There are so many gift options for this day, but it must be unique for it. Woodstone wooden watches and sunglasses are the best gift options for each member of the family, because our products are organic enough for this traditional Thanksgiving day!

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There are a few green cities in the world. In this blog, I am going to give you guys top five green cities that both the government and the people who live in that city take the action together to protect the city. It could be different ways to protect it such as reduction of released carbon monoxide, building eco-friendly houses, multiplication of public transport and using of electric cars. Unfortunately, well known metropolitan cities have failed about these improvements.

wood watch

1-Copenhagen, DENMARK

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and it surrounded by parks and water. Copenhageners love to consume organic food, recycling electric bikes and having sun bath from the parks. Copenhagen was European Green Capital 2014. The ambitious green profile of the city has a clear goal: The City of Copenhagen aims to become the world's first CO2 neutral capital by 2025.  Hotels in Copenhagen also hold an official eco certification for tourists.

wooden watch

2-Amsterdam, NETHARLANDS

When we mention about Amsterdam, certainly city bicycles comes in our mind. The people in Amsterdam love bicycles, they even have their own roads and it has pretty traffic when the rush hour in the city. Amsterdam also won a Climate Leadership Award. In 2010, Amsterdam developed ambitious environmental goals in its Amsterdam Energy Strategy 2040, aiming to reduce CO2 by 40% in 2025 compared to 1990. 

wooden watches

3-San Francisco, USA

San Francisco took the place as the greenest city in North American in a study of the environmental performance in the U.S. and Canada. If we actually talk about CO2, energy, land use, buildings, transport, water, waste, air and environmental governance, we can also write San francisco to the top of list. The municipal of California have some plans to encourage people to consume products that recycled materials and multiplication of public transportation.

gift wooden watches

4-Izmir, TURKEY

Izmir is the located at west of Turkey and 3rd biggest city in Turkey. We can also stated one of the european city in Turkey. İzmir municipality serves as the first full fleet of Turkey's full electric buses, started to receive this environmental friendly investment shortly. This means, it has already consumed 162 thousand liters of fuel; the atmosphere saved 11 thousand trees but only carbon dioxide that could be cleaned. At the same time people living in İzmir and nearby cities come here to ride bicycles along side of the Eagen sea. It has almost 60 km bike road.

stainless steel and wood watches

5-Adelaide city, AUSTRALIA

Across the world, cities have a lot of attention of climate change issue. Adelaide is one of them and they take really serious cautions about that. According to a spokesman, Adelaide City Council allocates 1% of total rates to its Climate Change Action Initiatives Fund annually. In 2015/16 this is $932,000. Here are another facts about Adelaide city: Between 2007 and 2013, the City of Adelaide’s carbon emissions reduced by 20%, Almost every house has three different trash bins, so they separate the waste and they use resources wisely.

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Happy Halloween! 🎃

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Many people celebrate Halloween specially in USA. Americans celebrate Halloween on October 31st. Celebrations include costume parties and game of trick-or-treating.

Halloween is celebrated with family, friends or even some in street events. Parties are welcome for this kind of celebration with their special Halloween costumes. They also watch some horror movies in this night. 

Children also dress up in funny costumes and visit their homes in the the neighborhood. They demand sweets or snacks. If they don't get one of this, then they threat harm to the inhabitants of the house. This is know, as playing Trick or Treat. This game doesn't contain any mean nasty tricks, but just friendly fun tricks.

wood watches

Woodstone has different kinds of wooden watches. You can find your best model for every color of your dress to fit your awesome Halloween costume.

If your dress is kind of yellow or white, then we can suggest our maple wood and walnut model. If your dress close to dark colors, then our green sandalwood and black sandalwood model would be great!

You can also visit our website just by clicking photo here in below to find out more models.

Woodstone wooden watches

As we Woodstone wooden watches company also celebrate Halloween and give our customers special 15% discount only for Halloween week. The discount code is ``halloween17`` and you can use it until October 30th 2017.


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5 Reasons Why Wooden Watches Are The Best Fashion Items in 2017

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Bold oversized watches are as popular as today along with fashion to men and women throughout the world. The average size today on most men’s watch's is approximately 42mm in diameter, while the average size on most women’s watch styles is approximately 35mm in diameter. It also depends on people how they like. We manufacture men, women and unisex watches. Watches can be small face or big face, it actually doesn't matter, as long as it looks unique and wooden.

Here are 5 reasons why wooden watches are the best fashion items,

Woodstone Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

1- Wood watches are eco-friendly

Obviously, our beautiful wood watches comes first when we talk about eco-friendly products. Woodstone wooden watches are made of completely chemical free all natural wood. By using our sustainable wood watches, you make a statement that you care about our environment. Its not uncommon that people will stare at your unique watch on the streets, in the school or work, wherever you go. 

Wood is known not only for its beautiful appearance, but for it's natural and environmental friendliness. Wood is also durable and strong. It usually depends on wood, for instance oak wood is heavy and very strong, and maple wood is lighter than the oak. 

Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

 2-Wood watches are pretty stylish

Wooden watches can also attract people's attention with its aesthetic appearance. Recently, we also released our new design Craftmaster collection on October and faced with a lot of interests of our customers by ordering Craftmaster collection watches only in 10 days. We manufacture 100 pieces for each model this year and they are almost out of stock. If you like to order one of our Craftmaster model, you can click the photo here in below.

Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

 3-Wood watches are healthy

Of course wood watches are healthier than metal, aluminum and other kind of watches. It also helps your body stay calm, and away from stress. Scientists have proven that, concrete materials such as steel, aluminium or plastics change in size when the heat affects, this is why it is organic.

Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

 4-Wood watches are hypoallergenic

Woodstone watches and sunglasses are produced with natural and untreated woods. Therefore our products are hypoallergenic. Because, wood is a natural material, it will soak up the moisture from your wrist, which will help the watch to maintain its look. 

Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

 5-Wood watches are environmental

Wood is one of the material grows naturally and restorable. As we Woodstone wooden watches, we are using recycled wooden for our products and we plant 10 trees for each purchase. At the moment, we are creating our Woodstone forest. We always try to look forward and want to leave a better world where our children can live comfortably. 

Please leave your precious comments here in below about the topic,

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Groomsmen And Bridesmaid Gifts

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I know there are tons of groomsmen and bidesmaid gift ideas on the internet. Some of them are just regular ones but some of them are really really flashy gifts such as our brand Woodstone wooden watches, because wood gifts are not so popular that everybody at your exclusive wedding couldn't just forget about how colorful your wedding is. To give gifts to your best friends is also very good way for being thankful. Woodstone has different color varieties watches for fit to everybody. 

Here are the duties of groomsmen and bridesmaid.

What is the role of a groomsmen? On the day the wedding, each groomsman is responsible for assisting the Best Man and groom leading up to the ceremony while also being a point of contact for guests and vendors.

What is the role of a bridesmaid? The maid of honor is in charge of the parties, but bridesmaid are expected to have ideas, give feedback, help decorate, chip in cash, and assist with the hostess duties.

wood watch 

It is important to remember that, giving the perfect presents for your groomsmen and bridesmaids means finding the gift they really want! So, first of all you need to know what exactly they are looking for, after you can decide what to give. They are not just like your regular friends, they are the special ones, so you need to be creative. Woodstone is not the only company that give options for groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts. You can search maybe hundreds of options on the internet, but what you need to look for is to give them very very special gifts.

wooden watches

As I said, our watches are a great groomsmen and bridesmaid gift idea for your wedding party. We have many customers have chose our watches for their special day. We have a special discount codes to help you out for your special day. 

Orders above  $200, use 'Wedding15' for %15 off your entire purchase

Orders above  $300, use 'Wedding20' for %20 off your entire purchase

Orders above  $450, use 'Wedding25' for %25 off your entire purchase

Orders above  $600,use 'Wedding30' for %30 off your entire purchase

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