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5 Inspirational Spring Getaways

March 30, 2018

We have collected the most inspirational spring getaway destinations for those who want to think for a sweet escape before the summer comes.

Let's start!

1-Barcelona, SPAIN


Barcelone is one of the places for you to feel the Mediterranean spirit. It is one of the most tourist-welcoming cities in the world. Second largest city of Spain, Barcelona has a history of 2000 years. When you also talk about soccer around the world, FC Barcelona comes our mind. If you love soccer, then you should definitely visit here!

2-Petra, JORDAN


Petra is in the Middle East, in Jordan. It is an ancient city that draws attention to its historical and archaeological significance. The most mysterious aspect of the city is the reason for its construction. It is believed that Petra was build to protect the royal tombs and secret treasure. Here is the best place for who look for mysterious!

3-Istanbul, TURKEY


Istanbul is a very popular community for hosting many civilizations. Istanbul is also the crowdest city in Turkey and its surround by 7 hills and each hill has a different district. There are also mosques, churches, and synagogues in the city. This city connects two large continents, Europe and Asia and this is pretty awesome!

4-Malibu, USA


When we talk about Malibu, Malibu rum with white bottle automatically comes to our mind, but we will not mention about the drink, we will mention about how the beautiful city is. Malibu is oceanfront city and 34 km beside on the coastline. The settlement started here in 1991. Please also note that you can not drink alcohol after 2 am. Malibu is also perfect beaches for surfers and sun chasers.

5-Vancouver, CANADA


Vancouver is located in the north of Canada and it is the largest city in the country. Vancouver is the selected as one of the best cities to live. This city impresses with its unique beauty. There are many different ethnic groups living in the city and the population is 2.600.000. The history of the city of Vancouver dates back to about 6.000 years. The city has also the important place for shipping.

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