About Us

Our story

Woodstone was founded by a watch enthusiast who has been living across the world for the last 10 years. Istanbul, Sydney, California, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are some of the places we are inspired from. During those years we witnessed how some of the people we met, respect nature and apply natural materials to their everyday life be it a very simple wooden bracelet ,earpiece or necklace. We fell in love with the idea that this warm and natural material, wood can take almost any shape when treated with attention and passion.

This exploration have sparked an idea in our mind to revive our everyday accessories using only what nature abundantly provide us ‘wood’. From day one we wanted to create a brand with unique personality that advocates, originality,simplicity and outdoor lifestyle. Our primary goal was to use natural materials with the state of the art manufacturing and premium watch components to create one of the most good looking products out there.

We spent months researching, designing, prototyping and putting together a viable supply chain for our first collection. The result was premium quality wooden watches and accessories, which is hand-crafted using only the most precious woods around the world. 

What we stand for

At Woodstone we advocate simplicity and believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The accessories we wear represents who we are so they should be as unique as our personality , different than the rest , one of a kind.

We also believe in preservation of our nature. Therefore we will plant a tree in selected area for every purchase that our customers make.