Our Story

Woodstone was founded by two young watch enthusiasts with a passion for world travel. Istanbul, Sydney, California, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are some of the places that fueled their inspiration as they met people whose respect for nature and the use of sustainable natural materials in their everyday lives shaped the creation of wooden watches and jewelry. They fell in love with the idea that this warm and natural material, wood, can take almost any shape when treated with attention and passion.

This exploration sparked the idea to develop accessories using only what nature abundantly provides us - wood. From day one they wanted to create a brand with a unique personality that advocates originality, simplicity and an outdoor, active lifestyle.

Their primary goal was to pair natural materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing and premium watch components to create good looking, sustainable and affordable products.

They spent months researching, designing and sourcing exotic woods to create their first collection. The result was premium quality wooden watches and accessories, hand-crafted using the most precious, beautiful woods from around the world.

Our Mission

At Woodstone we advocate simplicity being the ultimate sophistication. The accessories we wear represents who we are so they should be as unique as our personality, different than the rest, one of a kind. Woodstone products should remind the customer to relax, take a walk, and feel one with the beautiful world surrounding us.

We also believe in sustainability and preservation of the planet, planting a tree for every purchase that our customers make.

Vision for the future

Our vision is to keep designing accessories that remind our customers to spend their time well and to keep in touch with nature. We want to create a community of mindful people who loves nature, values their time and purposeful living. We hope you join us in this movement.

We started with watches in pursuit of this vision and we branch out to other accessories. We want to be the destination for stylish, timeless, high quality and sustainably made products that are perfect addition to your outfits or thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.


Our Core Values

Good Design
Clean, minimalist, and eco-friendly designs. We want to show good design can be on point while making a difference in the world.

High Quality yet Affordable
We're affordable but we don't sacrifice on the quality. Instead of going traditional retail model we offer our watches direct to our customers online, which result in high quality product at better prices.

Promote Mindfulness and Self-Mastery
We believe true happiness can only be achieved once we master our time. We want to create wearable accessories that remind our customers to make the best use of their time and promote mindful living.

We want to design products in a way, which is most considerate of humanity and the environment. Using only sustainable and renewable materials our goal is to have minimum affect on the nature. We are determined to use only recyclable materials in our products and packaging.

For every purchase of our customers, we give back to the environment by planting a tree with our partner, Trees for the Future. To this day we have planted over 46,000 fruit trees which provides sustainable income to people in developing countries. To learn more about tree planting projects please click here.