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5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

July 10, 2018

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every anniversary is a milestone. Couples are celebrating wedding anniversary in many different ways all around the world. The important thing is to share the moment with your partner on this day. For instance, you can get up in the morning and watch the sunrise and enjoy a lovely breakfast together. Alternatively, you prepare a picnic basket full of fruits and flowers and find a cute place for a picnic. If wedding anniversary comes on winter time, then you can make your living room into a fantastic place with roses and candles. 

5th wedding anniversary woodstone wood watch

The 5th anniversary is also a special anniversary for couples. They are no longer newly married.  In some culture, every 5th, 10th, 20th or 25th year holds a specific, special meaning. Wood is the traditional gift option for the 5th anniversary. Suggested gifts are wooden watches, wooden music box, statue or something as simple as a wooden picture frame to display a unique picture, possibly from your anniversary or wedding day. The truth behind that is wood symbolizes the strength and durability of their marriage.

5th wedding anniversary woodstone wooden watch

We source the finest and most durable woods in the world. We are also constantly looking for new types of woods to expand our offerings. At this point in time, our watch collection features Maple, Rosewood and Black&Green Sandalwood. Shortly, our unique high quality and all natural wooden watches are the best gift ideas for 5th wedding anniversary for couples.

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