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10 Christmas Gift Ideas

November 09, 2016

Woodstone wood watches christmas gift guide

1-Woodstone Wooden Watches

   Woodstone wooden watches is the first thing that comes to mind when you we talk about gift ideas for sure. Both the aesthetic appearance and harmony with nature, you can attract a lot of attention from people around you. We offer many varieties of wood such as maple wood,black  sandal wood, green sandal wood , rose wood and purple heart. All of our watches would be meaningful christmas gift for you and your loved ones ;)

Woodstone wood watches

2-Woodstone Wooden Sunglasses

Woodstone wooden sunglasses is the alternative of regular plastic boring sunglasses. Our wood sunglasses are very sustainable and nice looking gift. You can show off your deluxe wooden sunglasses at the beach or random day with sun shine.

Woodstone wood sunglasses

3-Throw Rugs

The reason to wrote down these fantastic rugs is very useful for anyone who is living their own flat, houses. Throw rugs are also long term gifts that, he or she can use it many many years, so this makes throw rugs are suitable gift to giveable to the couples. 


4-Smartphone Cases

Almost everyone these days  use smartphones especially in USA. Recently companies manufacture amazing Iphone cases such as beautiful colours and even rechargeable cases which can help when your battery runs out. Here are some nice looking designed Iphone cases. 


5-Environmental Notebook planner

Nice looking notebooks are in 10 christmas gift ideas due to their environmental and useful aspect.  You can buy these environmental notebook gift for your best school friend, your children and even to your pen friend all around the world.



Puzzles are among my favourites and it is excellent gift to be given to the family. Specially you can put into your family`s picture in the puzzle and then try to complete it all together with your family.



Snekear is one of the best gift to buy for him or her. He/she can wear it anytime and  anywhere. It is very stylish when you go out with your friends or it is very comfy in gym class. 



Perfumes. You can get one of these fragrance to your girlfriend or wife. There are many kind of scent perfumes. You just need to guess what kind of odor your loved one likes.



Jewellery are always favoured by women. I don`t know any women say no to flashy jewellery gifts. Doesn`t matter you can buy silver or gold, small or big, I am pretty sure, they love it anyway. 



If you like to buy a gift to your husband or boyfriend, Drones are just for you. Recently, drones are very popular, and so much fun to use. In brief, men definitely will love this kind of gifts, but you need to be careful using them as they might be little bit fragile (tested)  :)


We hope you like our Best Christmas gifts idea list. 

If you have any idea please let us know :)


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