5 Eco-friendly gift ideas

February 01, 2017

5 Eco-friendly gift ideas

It is very important to become an environmental conscious person, because we only have one world to live in and we should leave a better world for our next generation. There are many things we can do to help mother earth. For instance we can reduce our dependance on fuel, plant more trees to increase oxygen, using recycled products, protect environment and animals and we can count many more..

We can start to save our world by using eco-friendly products. We have complied a list of eco-friendly products ideas. 

1-Woodstone Wooden Watches

Obviously our beautiful wood watches comes first when we talk about eco-friendly product. Our wood watches are made of completely chemical free all natural wood and they are fashionable. By using our sustainable wood watches, you make a statement that you care about our environment. Its not uncommon that people will stare at your unique watch on the streets, in the school or work, wherever you go. We also plant a tree for every purchase of our customer make and which will greatly support our environment. 

2-Eco-Friendly Bags

For every time you shop you don`t need to buy plastic bags. With reusable bags, you will help out our environment. It is also looks much better than plastic bags. You can use it any time when you go to shopping or even picnic with family and friends. It is also more comfortable to carry than plastic ones.  

3-Organic Clothing

Organic cotton is growing so fast. It is important to use these pure products, because clothing completely touches our skin every minute of our day. Organic clothing manufactured without any harmful chemicals such as dyeing with harmful paints. They manufacture for adults and children. World Health Organisation also support these harmless organic fabric.

4-Wooden tables

Dining room table is actually heart of the house. It is where family gather and have fun. Just imagine, you are with your family or lovely friends having dinner or having a 5 o`clock tea time on eco-friendly and organic table. It is pretty cool and it usually lasts decades.

5-Naturel Organic Soaps

Regular soaps are not that innocent anymore. We need to pay more attention when we are using off the shelf soaps. Most of people think soaps are soaps but, often they contains harmful chemicals in it. Natural soaps are made for people who take their skin care and overall health importance


If you want to add more Eco friendly products here, please share with us.



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