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5 Reasons Why Wooden Watches Are The Best Fashion Items in 2017

October 12, 2017

5 Reasons Why Wooden Watches Are The Best Fashion Items in 2017

Bold oversized watches are as popular as today along with fashion to men and women throughout the world. The average size today on most men’s watch's is approximately 42mm in diameter, while the average size on most women’s watch styles is approximately 35mm in diameter. It also depends on people how they like. We manufacture men, women and unisex watches. Watches can be small face or big face, it actually doesn't matter, as long as it looks unique and wooden.

Here are 5 reasons why wooden watches are the best fashion items,

Woodstone Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

1- Wood watches are eco-friendly

Obviously, our beautiful wood watches comes first when we talk about eco-friendly products. Woodstone wooden watches are made of completely chemical free all natural wood. By using our sustainable wood watches, you make a statement that you care about our environment. Its not uncommon that people will stare at your unique watch on the streets, in the school or work, wherever you go. 

Wood is known not only for its beautiful appearance, but for it's natural and environmental friendliness. Wood is also durable and strong. It usually depends on wood, for instance oak wood is heavy and very strong, and maple wood is lighter than the oak. 

Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

 2-Wood watches are pretty stylish

Wooden watches can also attract people's attention with its aesthetic appearance. Recently, we also released our new design Craftmaster collection on October and faced with a lot of interests of our customers by ordering Craftmaster collection watches only in 10 days. We manufacture 100 pieces for each model this year and they are almost out of stock. If you like to order one of our Craftmaster model, you can click the photo here in below.

Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

 3-Wood watches are healthy

Of course wood watches are healthier than metal, aluminum and other kind of watches. It also helps your body stay calm, and away from stress. Scientists have proven that, concrete materials such as steel, aluminium or plastics change in size when the heat affects, this is why it is organic.

Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

 4-Wood watches are hypoallergenic

Woodstone watches and sunglasses are produced with natural and untreated woods. Therefore our products are hypoallergenic. Because, wood is a natural material, it will soak up the moisture from your wrist, which will help the watch to maintain its look. 

Craftmaster collection stainless steel wood watch

 5-Wood watches are environmental

Wood is one of the material grows naturally and restorable. As we Woodstone wooden watches, we are using recycled wooden for our products and we plant 10 trees for each purchase. At the moment, we are creating our Woodstone forest. We always try to look forward and want to leave a better world where our children can live comfortably. 

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