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Happy Halloween! 🎃

October 24, 2017

Many people celebrate Halloween specially in USA. Americans celebrate Halloween on October 31st. Celebrations include costume parties and game of trick-or-treating.

Halloween is celebrated with family, friends or even some in street events. Parties are welcome for this kind of celebration with their special Halloween costumes. They also watch some horror movies in this night. 

Children also dress up in funny costumes and visit their homes in the the neighborhood. They demand sweets or snacks. If they don't get one of this, then they threat harm to the inhabitants of the house. This is know, as playing Trick or Treat. This game doesn't contain any mean nasty tricks, but just friendly fun tricks.


Woodstone has different kinds of wooden watches. You can find your best model for every color of your dress to fit your awesome Halloween costume.

If your dress is kind of yellow or white, then we can suggest our maple wood and walnut model. If your dress close to dark colors, then our green sandalwood and black sandalwood model would be great!

You can also visit our website just by clicking photo here in below to find out more models.

Woodstone wooden watches

As we Woodstone wooden watches company also celebrate Halloween and give our customers special 15% discount only for Halloween week. The discount code is ``halloween17`` and you can use it until October 30th 2017.


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