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How to care your wooden watch and sunglasses

July 27, 2017

How to care your wooden watch and sunglasses

Cleaning wood is not like cleaning cars. You need to be careful when cleaning the wood. You can't just use any cleaning materials to the wood. First of all, not the soak the wood and don't forget, by cleaning your wood watch, you can save lots of money too.

Woodstone watches and sunglasses are produced with natural and untreated woods. Therefore our products are hypoallergenic. Because wood is a natural material, it will soak up the moisture from your wrist, which will help the watch to maintain its look.

In order to clean your wooden product we recommend you to apply some olive oil and lemon juice mixture on your product regularly. Just apply a little bit of olive oil and lemon extract on a tissue and rub it on your wooden accessory, make sure you apply it thoroughly. After that you can use another clean tissue to remove any excess oil.

You can wash your hands with wearing your watch, but you need to avoid direct contact with water. For example, don't swim with your wooden watch or don't go shower with your wood watch. You can also walk under the rain with wearing your watch.

You can also apply beeswax, lip balm, walnut oil or little bit of hand cream in order to maintain the natural and beautiful look of your wooden product. 

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