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In this 21st century, coffee became one of the most popular drink around the world. Especially in some countries people consume large amount of coffee. For instace in Finland, people drink  9.6 kg of coffee per capita. Nations are all around the world, consume coffee with different grinds, such as Turkish coffee, instant coffee or espresso. Coffee has also caffeine, which makes people awake and feel fresh in the morning.

So, who wants some hot and aromatic a cup of coffee? :)

If we dig little bit into the history of coffee, people in Ethiopia had found first coffee beans.The myth was that, a shepherd sees one of his goats eats coffee beans and the goat starts to jump itself. After seeing his goat acts more energetic, the shepherd wonders, is it the coffee bean that makes the goat jump? To find it out he tries one of those beans. Eventually, he eats and started to feel great. As the time goes, people have learned how to consume this bean in different ways and eventually made a delicious coffee we know today. One thing we know, much water has flown beneath the bridge, so we don`t eat , coffee beans , we actually drink it. 

Coffee can be drink in hot or cold, but generally hot is preferred. Best coffees usually made by coffee shops by experts we call them Baristas. Baristas don`t only make a cup of coffee, they do art. Because they use milk to make interesting shapes on cup of coffee, which we call it latte. People also brew themselves at home. They sometimes cook the coffee which is famous in Balkan countries. 

Time is important, wake up early in the morning and look at your beautifully designed Woodstone wooden watch and realise it`s time to leave the bed and have a fresh cup of coffee. 

Let us know what is your favourite cup of coffee down below :)

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