Vegan life

November 09, 2016

Vegan life

What is Veganism ?

Today Veganism is getting more and more popular around the world. There are many reasons why people all around the world are getting interested in vegan life style. One of them is rising awareness of cruelty in meat and poultry industry.

Being a vegan is stopping consumption of any food or drink that derives from animal source which included meats, poultry , eggs and milk.

There are some concerns regarding vegan lifestyle. Most significant of them is that vegans deprive themselves from essential nutritions from animal based diet,  such as  B12 vitamin, Omega3 and Calcium . 


Being a vegan is an important big decision in ones' life. Main concerns are lack of nutrition and less variety. However there are there are a lot of vegan meal ranging from delicious  meals, salads, even a dessert which doesn't contain milk. There are substitute for almost every animal based ingredients. 

There are different types of vegetarians. I would like to mention differences between these types,

1-Vegans, do not consume food of animal origins, meat, fish, eggs, honey, diary or any other animal products. They also don`t wear clothes made by animal products like leather. 

2-Semi vegetarians, can only eat chicken or any other poultry which is free range and organic, but not to eat mammals animal product such as meat.

3-Pesceterians, can only fish or any other seafood product, but not to eat poultry and mammals animal product such as meat.

4-lacto-ovo vegetarians, can have diaries such as milk, eggs etc. but not to eat meat(beef),poultry and fish (seafood)

5-lacto vegetarians, can only have milk and diaries, not eggs, meat, poultry and fish.

6-ovo vegetarians, can only have eggs, not milk, meat, poultry and fish.

Why people go vegan ?

Vegan way of life is considering animal rights, environmental issue, respect for other living creatures. They don`t want animals to suffer and mess up ecological structure.  Vegan don`t wear leather or animal fiber clothes, they just love to wear anything from nature such as wooden product, vegetable product or natural products. There are some companies who considers vegans such as Woodstone wooden watches. We  manufacture and design organic and sustainable wood watches and wood sunglasses from all natural woods around the world. 


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