Watches made of interesting materials

October 25, 2016

Watches made of interesting materials

Most people love uniqueness. As soon as a product becomes main stream, it appeals slowly drops. Therefore designers and labels are always after different and interesting materials in order to incorporate in their products. Watches brands are not an exception. 

Let`s have a look at some of  interesting watches made of different material together .

1-Wooden watches

Nowadays, wooden watches are getting more popular. They usually appeal people who love organic materials, ecologist and fashion minded individuals. Wood watches are not as heavy as other regular watches . So they are more comfortable and light on the wrist. Usually you wont even feel like you have a watch on your wrist.  One of the leading wood watch company is Woodstone wooden watches. We source the finest and most durable woods around the world. We also plant 10 trees for every purchase our customer make. Woodstone watch is a perfect gift for you and your loved one. A person with Woodstone wooden watch will definitely stand out from the crowd. 

2-Marble watches

Here is an another good-looking watch. The difference is about this watch a completely  marble inside. This marble watch is good choice for a meeting or a romantic dinner. You would also prefer as a gift for your friends or relatives. This watch belongs to Abbot&Mosley.

3-Composite watches

People who like the dark life, would love this composite watch. It might look like a snake, but  some people love it. The strap is completely stainless steel. You can wear this for your fashion or casual clothes. It also have led light inside for brighten your night! 

4-Carved watches

Carved watches are always elegant watches. However this watch is not only carved watch, but also there is a crocodile motif inside. You can also ask for any kind of motif to put it inside and being more attractive for your friends. This product belongs to Cartier`s and the price is higher than the other carved watches, but it worths to get one of these.


5-Smart watches

Smart watches are getting more populer these days.  Especially, mobile phone companies such as Apple and Samsung introduced their own smart watches. You can call anybody from your watch, leave him/her a message or look for the weather forecast. Beside these feautures, it also rate your heart beat, count your steps and manage your sleeping routine. In addition smart watches need charge once or twice a week which is a downside of smart-watches. If there is a power cut though, you might have a hard time using one of these. :)

Now it is your turn, which one does represent you the most , let us know in comment section below?

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