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Wedding season is here!

July 19, 2017

Wedding season is here!

Fireworks, candles, flowers.. it all reminds us celebrating weddings. Summer is also the best time for marriage, once the flowers are blooming, sun is shinning and birds are singing. 

To choose the right song or to choose the right wedding dress are very important things to do for your wedding. Couples usually gets help from their best friends. They are like eye of the crowd, and they can see any detail about you. 

Wedding traditions of countries also vary. Some balkan countries celebrate weddings with traditional dance styles such as Zeybek and Sirtaki. Some countries such as Canada and USA celebrate their weddings with modest ways. You could also have dance lessons before your wedding, this can help you out while first dance in front of the crowd. 

The accessories you wear that represents your character. For this reason, your best friends or your groomsman need to be picky for choosing their clothes. Because they all need to be matched. Our unique Woodstone wooden watches are the ideal option for that. 

In my opinion, best wedding time is afternoon, because the weather is not so hot, and you won't be sweating while dancing. :)

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